Thursday, November 1, 2012

remembering the cave

Yesterday Paul and I were talking about our first apartment.  We were only there from the end of August to early January, but it was our first apartment after we got married so theoretically it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

It was a small studio apartment and like a said sort of a giant cave.  There were very few windows and so as a result it got quite hot, and stayed warm in the winter. The whole apartment only had one window so it was pretty dark in there as well, actually we loved it at the time, but when we moved to Corry Village (we realized how much more we liked it here)...we love Corry.

In any case I am writing this post so I will hopefully always remember those few first months that we were married.
-remember all our clothes folded in piles on the floor because we had/have no furniture
-remember the closet that I would do my homework when I would stay up late
-remember baking like crazy
-remember our cheap little mattress on the floor
-remember hanging out with our neighbors the strykers
-remember swimming in the pool @ Tanglewood
-remember bringing groceries home into the cave's entry way
-remember hanging laundry out at on the lines at Tanglewood
-remember going on walks in the area sometimes all the way to Publix
-remember aimlessly walking around all the way to campus on Christmas Eve
-remember all of Christmas break together audio books, water color, and book scanning
-remember not wanting to move because we liked it so much

and I guess just remember how special that first year was (and this year as well) and how crazy in sane it was moving out to florida right after getting married and how much our life continues to change and how easy it is to forget about and not appreciate each of the phases in our lives.

***we basically have zero pictures of that apartment or time period but these are the pictures we do have.

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  1. This reminds me of my journal entries. I didn't even realize you moved apartments, that's awesome the current one is such an improvement.