Thursday, July 26, 2012

thoughts on healthcare

Today was clinical day and with clinical day I am always prompted to think a lot about my patient's and their lives and all sorts of other things.

1-Our government is crazy, and the healthcare law is definitely unconstitutional.  I was thinking about the idea behind palliative care, I mean seriously not everyone wants to die with IVs in their arms and tubes up their butts and not only is that ok, it is completely understandable.  Not only that but, not everyone wants to go to the hospital while they are sick, even if the hospital were 100% free, some people don't buy into western medicine, and even more some people don't just not buy into western medicine, some people don't believe in it.  Does it seem fair that the government is getting involved in forcing people to pay for something they actually do not believe in.

2- My grandmother is in better health than I ever realized and I did not appreciate this until I saw what kind of shape some people are in in the hospital are.  I am not judging those people, obviously their are infinite variables that contribute to people's health, but it is giving me a perspective on where she is at.

3- also one of our deans gave us a lecture on "bullying"....bullying? really?  I have not seen any bullying in our program, and if it has been there it has been subtle, the group has issues but surprisingly bullying is not one of them.  Well, it turns out it was a certain teacher  that just thought we weren't acting professional enough (which is true in some cases of some people), but i am still confused as to why that was classified under bullying, when it was more like...don't go on facebook during class.

4-I just took a nap and therefore I am feeling excessively positive about the future.

5-I have a lot to be grateful for and I only wash my hair once a week, and I can't remember the rest of which I was going to write.

Monday, July 23, 2012

What a wonderful weekend

What a great weekend.  I finished my tests last week and maybe at that point Paul and I both sort of forgot that we are human.  I was ready to dive right back in and start again...without even procrastinating a day, did I forget who I am or something?  I needed a break.  Luckily, best friend Kate pulled into Florida (Panama City Beach) just in time to save me.  Although it required 4 + hours to get there from Gainesville,  I can't think of a more worth it drive.  It was nice to see a friend that we both knew before Florida.  It was nice to remember that hey I am not like all those other nursing school girls (not in a bad way they aren't like me either) because of reason a, b, and c.  It was really nice to swim in the pool, ocean, hot tub and eat junk food, while having a kind ear to listen to anything and everything about life, and it was hopefully nice for her too....So yes, feeling so revived and ready to survive the rest of the semester.

Monday, July 16, 2012

there is sunshine blessed sunshine

I just took my patho tests this morning, I stayed up past 4:30 am studying the test was at 8am, it was hard, things were looking dark.  I actually thought I might fail out of nursing school because of this test, I couldn't focus, I didn't know what to focus on, well I got my preliminary score just a few minutes ago and...i got my best test score ever, which also means there is no way I will be failing anything any time soon.  Although, I do have another big test tomorrow (I am taking a quite break before I dive back in to studying, because it WILL be another 4:30 am. and then wednesday I have a check-off and after that the week is all fun, games and clinicals.

Yesterday in YW there was a wonderful lesson about forgiveness, and being forgiving and also being appreciative when others are forgiving to you.  It was wonderful and made me think of all the ways and times that Paul forgives me for my follies and foolish pride, and I am grateful he does not hold on to things he just forgets,  I need to be equally so to thanks paul for being the best.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


today was my first day of clinicals....and it was pretty good, maybe even fun (some parts at least)
sometimes i loath what i have to like why do i have to study when other girls i know are just having kids and not worrying about the future, but other times I am like wow this is actually pretty cool and I am learning so much and it making me pretty useful.'re just going to have to wait until nursing school, and short and sweet work experience is over, and the idea is that it is for your own good. But every time we talk about pregnancy or delivery or just sort of swells up inside me, why do I have to wait, but wait I will!
also I am going to brag, because there are a lot of things I am learning that I am not good at right now, but there is one thing that I am good at and perhaps it might even be my greatest talent, talking to random strangers that i have never met before and not be intimidated and relating them.  Yes, i know this is not humble, but I have a whole laundry list of what I need to improve on (listening to lung and heart sounds ahem) but i need to celebrate this little confidence, and be grateful for it.
also miracles happen once in a while....every month actually.
So, you know we are poor, really poor.  And the last bit of my summer (out of state) tuition was due last week, and I paid it and it was looking like summer survival was going to require private loans, which is something we are hoping to avoid, the money we are getting paid from house sitting is going to be just enough to pull us through the summer.  While, on the one hand fall will come and if we are not able to get in -state tuition it could end quite painfully, but it is nice to how each month extra money seems to come our way from extremely generous and kind sources and it truly makes a difference and does not go unnoticed and without thanks.  And next year, when I am a nurse and we can eat cereal and other types of expensive food, we might laugh at how crazy we were (e.g. paul is donating plasma right now) but truly we are seeing miracles every day...and are also intently praying for instate tuition. and that i pass alll three of my tests next week that would also be excellent :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yesterday was an excellent Fourth of July, and guess what I don't even feel bad because I did some homework in the boo ya!  Then we went over to a ward members house ....seriously sweet house and had a pool party.  I don't know why but, I was looking forward to eating a hamburger for weeks ahead of time....and then i wanted to be as hungry as possible so I didn't eat in the morning, and then I ONLY ATE ONE, I dont know what happened to me I should have eaten two, i wish I had that second one here now.  On the other hand part of the reason I only ate one was because there was so much other good food there, so much. and the pool and a diving board,.....the list could go on.  Even better is that we are housesitting in that seriously sweet house next week.  I feel like I am going on vacation and getting paid for is going to be awesome...swim, hot tub, piano, air conditioning, they told us to eat there food and we are getting paid.  can you tell I am counting down the minutes.

O and nursing school, like I said I did study yesterday BUT today I could have been a great deal more diligent.  But I did do somethings, and look i am writing in my pseudo journal right now.

Also Paul is thinking seriously about trying acupuncture in order to help him sleep better....updates to come.

also i have been listening to a million times over...its dramatic I know.

can you tell i am in an excellent mood its because I don't have to wake up early tomorrow.

O yeah also I am writing a baby its supposed to be relate art to the "conceptual framework of the college of nursing" yawn...we have to relate and define, environment, nursing, client, and health as well within the paper.  SO I was going to do this seriously creative paper about this one painting, but then I had to sit through a presentation about Florence Nightingale, cliche I know of course it seems like a joke, but its not Florence Nightingale comes up in nursing school all the time...........

And did you know I have a degree in history and there is nothing that bothers me more than bad history.  Because seriously we all know that there is no way Florence Nightingale did all they said she did in a vacuum sorry that stuff just doesn't happen that way, there is always a deeper story.  I got so worked up about it I went home and read a pretty large portion of someones dissertation about welll, its complicated, but just as I suspected through that and other other sources I was confirmed that there was a lot more going on.  So I decided to write a paper about Florence Nightingale and incorporate art, but talking about a painting of her...for one sentence.  I don't know why I am getting so much pleasure from this, maybe because  I am using it as an excuse to read a bunch of history papers/articles, maybe I just like to be a know it all, but either way its lifting my spirits and taking up wayyy to much time.

Also we got to practice with the glucose testing devices today, I got to  had to stick/prick my own finger, needles i swear they don't bother my but something about doing it to myself was like making me nervous...but I did it twice. and guess what my blood glucose is fine (not like I was worried) back to my paper.