Monday, November 19, 2012

be prepared!

provident living -living with the future in mind

That was the focus of church yesterday, even though we do that already, sometimes almost to a fault it reminded me that there are some holes in our preparation that need to be fixed.

So this month we are going to work on getting a more comprehensive food storage together, and organizing it.

We are buying an extra can each time we go to the grocery store, and putting together a 72 hour kit as well.  I also have been thinking maybe for Christmas we should buy a pump water filter, I have not done any research on it yet, but in an emergency in Florida we will likely always be near water (we live just a few hundred yards from Lake Alice, but that water would NOT be suitable to drink, so if we had a pump filter that could be helpful.

We already have 2 -20 lbs bags of rice that we cook with one brown one white, a 20 lbs bag of pinto beans, and last year we bought a 50 lbs bag of oats...we probably have about half of that if the gas was on we could probably survive for awhile, but if not we need to think about how we could cook what we have....I guess that is why we are stocking up on cans.

I try and clean/organize one thing in our house each today I went through the cans we have and organized them by year of expiration that way we know what we have and we know how long it will last.   I will take a picture tomorrow because I am pretty proud of my efforts.

Another thing we have is plants, since we live in a small apartment we have our plants in buckets, but they do actually result in significant extra nutrients to our diets...and their seeds could be useful too.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today (and always), thinking about the future and planning for it does not mean it will work out as planned, but I believe that it will be helpful and is important.  Of course another part of provident living for us is going to school, it is giving us important skills that will allow us to work in increasingly competitive markets, and hopefully by me being a nurse if Paul is for some reason not able to work I will be able to.  Emergencies always happen, and we can do a little now to hopefully make a difference later.

....and who know something like this could happen as well

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