Thursday, December 20, 2012

We bought a car

yes, I am quite happy to announce that as soon as we can sell the truck we will be done with it.  We bought a 1992 Honda Accord...yes its very old, but it has relatively low miles and was only $1400.  We are hoping that sometimes in the not so far away future we can use those extra seats (but we don't know really how close or far away that may be)...

Anyway, the painting is not shiny and the stereo does not work at all, but it runs well (Paul had it all checked out) and gets better gas mileage than we were getting.

now hopefully someone buys the truck!

Painting complete

whether I like it or not, I gave Kaylie her painting at the open house on Tuesday was still wet because I had forgotten that I needed to finish a few things up before I gave it to her.  It was not everything I had hoped for...but it was good enough and I hope she likes it.  We are excited to go to Orlando tomorrow for her sealing :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

my first night shift

I thought it would be calm...its night right patient's sleep and just have to answer call lights.

I was wrong.

There was not one second of down time, and you have to feel for the patients as well, who get there room entered into all the time.

My whole body aches

The good thing is that I came home and I got to sleep for 8 hours after that.

Until next week night shift, now I have to study!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We are now in the thick of finals...but it has not been so bad yet.
Paul and I went to the gym together, it was so nice, I need to work out more often and being there with Paul was nice and even nicer that we went at night, I love going places in the middle of the night or just later like this was around 10...its just more fun for me.

also this song has been stuck in my head recently...dont ask why,  I also dont know

Monday, December 3, 2012

what what what???

Yes that is right they are changing our clinical groups.  I know in the vast perspective of life and death and life after death this basically is not important at all, but ti certainly has a lot of feathers ruffled in our program, so I would like to write this in memory of Orange 1 that will no longer exist after finals.

My new clinical group, is not the worst or the best, so I will just keep my mouth shut, furthermore we will be staying at the hospital the closest to our apt., so yeah...i am not saying anything, and then there is that scholarship money that has motivated me to not complain about ANYTHING anymore.

So....moment of silence, and I will work on getting a picture of our beloved clinical group.

We took blood pressures at homeless shelters, and sr meal sites together,
We made up poems to appease our professors,
We shared passwords for certain nursing resources,
We vented often, sometimes about each other,
some were closer than others,
We will still have class together
We decorated cupcakes to look like a family,
We survived the first two semesters of clinicals...and I have even seen a few of them cry...
goodbye orange 1

at least I have one companion that the dean of the nursing school can't split me up from :)

I am awake at 2 am and I don't want to be I have to finish a paper that I have been avoiding, actually I am still avoiding it...this semester is taking FOREVER to be over.

I can't wait until Paul is done,  he has been busy non-stop since last Christmas break and it will be so nice to take things a  little bit slower.

Despite all of that I was thinking about how grateful I am that I have a job right now, I only work once a week, but it can make such a huge difference.  And it was truly a blessing.

Another blessing that recently came my way was 4,800 in scholarship money, yeah that is a big one, and it is definitely making me more and more grateful to be here at University of Florida, in fact I really can't think of anywhere that would be/could be better, again proving the point that Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself because this is the LAST place I wanted to come.

Looking at all the other places that Paul could have gone, I am so overwhelmingly grateful that this is where we are for school.

So sigh...back to that paper, and quiz and studying and why did I waste my whole day so I don't get to sleep!!!!