Saturday, November 3, 2012

as the dew from heaven...

Today was my day to knock doors for Romney, it was a nice day, and I love it because I see cute neighborhoods (and I think even the not cute neighborhoods are cute so that's not saying much) that I would never otherwise come across, I get to be outside, walk around, talk to people.  I never want to start but, once I have started I am usually happy about it.

One of the houses I visited had 4 citrus tree right in the front, and the trees were FULL of fruit, so full that much of the fruit was rotting on the ground :(  While I was talking to the friendly home owner I mentioned the trees (and their beauty) and they told me to please take as much fruit as possible because they cannot even give it all away!

So I had Paul drive the car up and we picked as much as we had bags for....I think I have eaten at least 10 clementines today.  When we were deciding what to do with all the fruit that we will definitely not be able to eat before it rots, we of course thought of all the ways we could save it, blend it up and freeze it etc...  We did blend up some of it, we saved some for us to eat this week, but we are going to give the rest away.  As we were going through this thought process of what to do, I realized we were being a little bit like the children of Isreal and the manna in the wilderness.  The manna would fall from heaven each day and some would try and gather extra for the next day or whatever other reason, but when they would do that it would just go bad, so they had to trust that each day the manna would be brought so they would not starve.

In our case its not necessarily like we find citrus fruit like that every day, but the concept that we need to continually trust in what the Lord will bring us, and also learn that a blessing for us should also be a blessing for our neighbor as we should always think to share what we are given because so many times people share with us (in fact just yesterday I was at a friends house and while I was there I was invited to eat with her and it was just what I needed nutritionally) never know who will appreciate it and could be that little extra they need.

So maybe this is a pretty small and insignificant little experience, but it is continually small teaching experiences that help teach us ways to improve and allow our hearts to change.

A packed brown bag of fruit :)
basically this post=I should be less selfish about seemingly insignificant stuff

Been eating these all day...cliche florida :)

even more 

from our garden 

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  1. At least you got something out of knocking doors for Romney. Stopping to pick the oranges, alright.