Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tomorrow will mean my fourth Thanksgiving away from family, and even though I know there are much worse things going on in the world than me being absent continually from my family, it certainly makes me remember how much I love my parents and siblings.

I wish I could express specific things I am Thankful for in each of them, but basically I am Thankful for my entire life with them.

I am grateful for my Dad's optimism that he keeps trying and even when it seems impossible to anyone else.
I am grateful for my Mother's dedication to her children and that she always put us first
I am grateful for Sterlings willingness to always share and look out for an include his young siblings
I am grateful Korance always being my friend and someone I can relate to
I am grateful for Ross's honesty, and the fun he brings
I am grateful for Marae's toughness...and that she can tell me when I need a little bit more of it
I am grateful for Janai's gratitude and willingness to express it

Because I am far away from them, I worry and pray often for my family, I hope they are ok, I hope they are making good decisions, I wish I could be near them.

These are pictures of when my parents came and picked me up from my mission, I am so grateful they came and for the time I got to spend with them

unfortunately I don't even have a picture of ross :(

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