Monday, November 19, 2012

my emerging american identity

I was listening to NPR today, I know listening to NPR again...the elections over...
anyway they were interviewing country singer and played a few snips of their music

I have never been a big fan of country music, but it was nice.

It let me to think about how my perspective of this country has changed in that last few years.

When I was in high school, I wanted to be anything but American.  This was just when the obesity epidemic was emerging and I was embarrassed.  Everything foreign looked appealing and better looking.  Perhaps because of my own insecurities with who I was, I sort of shunned my national identity and clung the the European identity of my ancestors (ahem majored in history with an emphasis on Europe).

But the truth is that I am American, I can't really identify with any other country or nationality. I was born here, my parents were, and so were my grandparents...and some of my great grandparents (although not all)....and some of my ancestors go all the way back to before the Revolutionary War.  You don't need to have ancestors from the US to be american, but in my case I do have that background, and as I become an adult and become secure in who I am I am also accepting that I can love where I am from and I don't have to fight my identity to be different.

Not to say I would not jump at the opportunity to live abroad again, but living abroad actually seems to reinforce to me my national identity...and its a good thing...
now for some patsy cline (I am NOT a texan FYI)
coming home from my mission...back to america

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