Thursday, November 15, 2012

Its almost thanksgiving

and I have many things to be grateful for so until Thanksgiving I am going to be writing about that...its not novel, but it is important!

So to start off with....

"for health and strength and daily food"

Health, I write about health all the time on here, but I AM IN NURSING SCHOOL, its all I think about.  In Labor and Delivery Clinicals we got to do 2 newborn assessments, and it truly is a miracle to see those tiny newborn babies.  It is a miracle that everything is correct that all that genetic code lined up (I am taking genetics right now) and that all the mechanisms that required that baby to make it here worked correctly.  It is a miracle that I am here with no health issues, that I have been blessed to avoid serious harm or incident thus far in my life.  You never really know how healthy you are until you see all the things that could have gone wrong (or just some of them).  If I started a list, it could go on forever, but just some things to think about.
I am grateful that my body properly absorbs nutrition
I am grateful that my limbs were formed so that I could use them with ease
I am grateful that all my senses and cranial nerves are in tact
I am grateful for lungs and arteries that bring oxygen to all the necessary capillary beds (even my freezing feet)
I am grateful for a heart that beats regularly
and neurons, hormones, muscle fibers, bones, bone marrow, tumor killing cells (we are talking about cancer is genetics this week) and the list could really go on.

When I was in high school, I had all sorts of body image issues, and I complained about my body over and over.  I WAS CRAZY!  A body is such a precious and beautiful part of us, so complex, that it constantly leaves me in awe that we are truly Gods creations.

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