Thursday, April 25, 2013

donuts from heaven

I was craving donuts all week....and then there were donuts at a class I went to and then there were donuts for friday prayers are heard!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

a quote to live by

no misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse

-Jeffrey R. Holland

I wish some my classmates would consider this, and also consider the harsh and vulgar language they use.

back to that weekend

After more than a year and half I got to see one of my brothers and father.
 a year and a half, seems like no big deal, but it was preceded by another year and a half....which all together equals a long time without seeing family.

They were only here for a few hours, but we got to walk around favorite pastime.
We got to eat with them, talk with them, show them our life here, hear their testimonies, feel their love, and remember that there are people very very similar to ourselves out there.
people who look the same,
act the same,
and see us in the same context as we see ourselves.
people that we want to be with forever,
people that we pray for every night.

I hope I don't have to wait quite so long to see my family again. I love it here, but I just wish my they were a little closer by.

so thanks for driving all those extra hours to come visit.


When I know I will be waking up early every single day this summer, I start to looong for California.

Golden Hills, family, hikes in lime ridge, going over the bridges at night, sunday night walks after dinner, laying on the grass in the backyard, late night grocery store trips, siblings, parents, my history.

If I go, I might have a hard time making it back.

and sorry I know this is an old song

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I had the best weekend ever! ( will wrte more soon)

for the record

I will not bother, get mad at, ask for favors from, or distract Paul until finals are over.
He does so much, and studies so hard...its only fair...and law school is hard.
I love him so much!

on the bus

Sometimes I take the bus from our apt to the college of nursing...mostly when I am seriously late, because I prefer to walk.

Even though its mostly students on campus there are always some mentally handicapped people (at least it seems this way)

Embarrassing for my sometimes I avoid talking to them...because its awkward to have a conversation on the bus with a bunch of people listening, and they always seem to ask the most personal questions.

I have been trying to get over this, be more Christ like.

They want human interaction, just like I do, and they likely get less of it.

I have been getting better and better at this, and now I often intentionally choose to sit next to the mentally handicapped person (that seat is usually open anyway)

Today, I felt like I had a meaningful conversation with a mentally handicapped man, he seemed to really enjoy talking to me, well talking to anyone (as he struck up a conversation as soon as I sat down).

Probably more than he enjoying talking, I felt good about it too.

Little things make a big difference for people, and they know when they are being ignored, avoided or talked down too.  Nursing school has made me more aware of this, Christ's example has taught me how important this is and I hope I can make it a priority to be kind to those around me, especially since so many have been kind to me.

I am writing this not to brag about how awesome I am at this, but because its something I want to develop in myself, something that is important, and to show I am grateful for these opportunities to become better being loving to those around me.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

life is a flower at times

Thats ace of base for you....
the weather here is PERFECT right now...we are stuck inside studying but, with the windows open and hearts full of I walk to school each day.  On top of that...I'm just really happy haha!
for some reason this reminds me of singapore, I think because I associate singapore with the 90s (odd because I was never there in the 90s) but that was when I first heard of it and sort of an overexcitement for modernity...or something not sure anyway that's it

Friday, April 5, 2013

I worked today, it was wonderful.  I was on the floor and the call lights were moving at just the right pace...and it was nothing I couldn't handle. Work is exhausting but I love that it gets me up and moving and gives me energy.  I also enjoyed the other nurses and techs company.  The nice thing about not being too busy was that there is more time for patient care, you can listen to patient's tell their stories without having to dash off to do something else,  you can also take the time to do nice things for patients like a gave a few foot and hand massages which I don't usually have time for and makes a difference for the patient.

We also had nursing research day, I only stayed for the morning (because I had to work) there were some interesting presentations and well a lot of nurses! of course I stayed for the free lunch and it was delish.  we had all sorts of free food events this week between Paul and I.  While I like the variety, I feel like I haven't been eating as healthy and feel like I need to refocus my eating (eat healthier).

Thursday, April 4, 2013

pain is wearing your retainer after you have made excuses for two months
Instead of a daily post it seems to be more of a weekly post, I think it has to do with that fact that I currently can't upload photos.
Today I took care of a prisoner in the hospital,  its pretty sad to see someone chained to a bed with three guards  watching over them.  I understand that this person has done some pretty bad things, but its hard to see someone in so much pain and with such injuries and not have your heart melt just a little.  Nursing really is a human profession and you felt your heart pained for so many people each day.

Sometimes its easy to separate yourself from problems and what someone is going through, but sometimes you realize hey that could be you.  We were talking about a certain medication that you have to have oxygen ready because people can easily develop respiratory issues when they first take this medication.  Yes, it rarely happens, but what if it were me?  I would want them to have everything ready, I wouldn't want to silently slip into respiratory depression helpless to tell anyone or too out of it.  So, I need to make sure I am thinking of these things and remember everyone feels that way about themselves.

Can't wait until general conference!