Friday, April 20, 2012

started composting

Our plants are growing and its awesome, the battle with the squirrels continue but we moved all the young ones inside in order to let them strengthen their roots before they get dug up.  We recently bought a huge amount of yogurt because it was on sale and because i am worried about my calcium intake and froze it, we each get one per day.  We are using the cups to start the seedlings in and really I am amazed at the results.  Since I know we will soon need more dirt and I don't want to keep buying the cheap stuff or any at all I have started composing.  Not a whole lot and it is pathetically amateur, but come on we live in an apartment in florida where roaches are just begging for a reason to invade your house.  So its out side covered, who know it might not even work but I am going to try!

also here's the question should be get worms for the compost I have a feeling it makes all the different but thats a big commitment!

PS the old cucumbers growth got stunted by squirrel attacks

Monday, April 16, 2012

I finally got some pants that fit me!  I would never have thought that one pair of well fit capris could do so much to calm my inner storm, talk about a huge blessing (sorry if that sounds pathetic) but it truly was and   I suppose it jus goes to show that Heavenly Father does really give us tender mercies of things He must think are quite silly.

Other than that, been taking the bus, baked some cookies, been studying and enjoying the wonderful weather.

Our war with the squirrels continues and is getting even more intense, but I suppose that is life.  Paul starts his finals in a matter of 10 days and within a few weeks of that he will be finished with his first year of law school.  He has been so diligent and worked so hard and I hope he does well.

I am also feeling quite good because I had the best primary lesson ever, I don't always feel like my class learns, but for some reason yesterday I really felt like they actually listened and learned and well that is a major break through.

In other news I also played the piano for singing time, although it was very ....well I messed up a lot it was a start in the right direction and I think I will volunteer more often as well as practice those particular songs.

Other than study and go to open lab I think I will make that a priority for this week.  Heres the new (well fitted pants)

                                                    on our way to get free bread (bus stop)

                                                        and here is one cute poodle

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another week has flown by and its just another week closer to the start on CON.  Mostly, what is going on here is a battle with the squirrels, we get no trouble from them and then all of the sudden this morning everything is dug up, which is sad because I had just started some new lettuce to replace the other lettuce they had dug up. Paul is calling for a final solution and we thinking of all sorts of ways to get rid of squirrels, I mean do squirrels that live in a tree laden apartment complex even have any predators?
We live facing the playground and on fridays there are massive amounts of “baby-gators”  that come to play there, so I think perhaps the squirrels move from the playground and are then friendly with our lovely plants, so maybe next thursday night we can move all the plants inside until later in the afternoon.  In other good news we currently have four still green tomatoes, and many many flowers, and some of the other plants are doing well too.  
Also we are pretty much living off law school food for the second week in a row...yum, although when finals are over I think everyone will be happy to be back to the ol' beans and rice.

We went on an awesome walk yesterday through some older neighborhood nearby, I really can't say this enough that the trees here are too beautiful, I could stare at them all day, if I had my camera I would have some pictures but I left it at the strykers last week.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

this week post general conference has been good, I have been focussing on not judging people, here what happened, in between sessions (sunday) we went on a walk and on the way I caught myself judging every little passer by that passed us by. well the key word is here that I CAUGHT myself, because I had just listened to Uchti's talk about not judging and so I am trying to do just that, not judge. And let me tell you taking the bus provides many opportunities to judge, but I am attempting to be better, to be more Christ-like.  And I have had some success today I let a toothless man tell me about a children's book he was reading and I think he enjoyed telling me, and I also enjoyed listening.  I think most important is that I am aware of this problem and can start to fix it,  I guess previously I thought that if it was in my head it didn't count  ( not a good justification)  but hey who knows if I am not focussed on judging I can instead think to smile at them, and a lot of people riding the bus here need that more.

Also when we moved to Florida I had a minor culture shock...gainesville is not the bay area (sf)  and one thing that was different is that people here commonly join the military. Something I had not previously been exposed to too any great extent , or not in the same way.  But seeing the recruiters here on campus makes me proud because it gives people an opportunity to master and accomplish hard things, and then gives them scholarships so they can accomplish more hard things.  People who might not otherwise have that chance.  I am not saying I agree with everything the US military does, or anybody's politics, I am just saying that the military gives people opportunities and a pathway when they might otherwise be lost, and I like that they look proud of themselves on campus in a good, confident way.    It has also begun to break my heart to see young veterans with missing legs or just looking out of place...seriously all the things you see riding the bus...gaining new appreciation because a missing leg is not worth a scholarship in anyone's book.

Also been doing some paintin' ..just a little  First off...yes the jungle one is supposed to be 2-d and I am not sure I am done with it yet...i was just enjoying playing with colors .  Additionally, the clouds one if lovely right?  yes, but the ideas was not mine I came across this painting after googling "clouds painting"  and well I am teaching myself so I am learning through others and I DID paint just wasn't my idea and I know idea is a HUGE part of the battle...but hey I am proud of my efforts.

Lastly took CPR, got my TB test,  tomorrow getting finger printed and I am most of the way done with ever-nearer nursing school much paperwork

Monday, April 2, 2012

good news

Last week I had some excellent news come my way, after much drama ( in a relative sense of the mail taking FOREVER) I got into UF's accelerated Nursing BSN, so yay!  I am going to be a nurse, and not only that but I am going to start nursing school in a month and a half! So now I have a veritable jungle of paperwork, background checks and CPR training to get through before the program starts.  I also officially gave up my seat at Duke (and thank goodness I did so before I paid the $500 seat deposit fee) and I am feeling confident about my decision.  So three cheers for me I guess we are committed to Florida now for at least until my husband finished law school (I will finish nursing school before that).  Good thing that spanish moss is so gorgeous!