Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's been going on over here

Well, I have not written here for awhile.  Not for any particular reasons, sometimes it feels like too much happens so to try and cover it all is quite the task.
So what has happened.

Christmas was wonderful we had the missionaries over

We got a wonderful package from a friend in Germany

We went on a little vacation Atlanta, Chatanooga, Knoxville, Colombia (South Caroline), Savannah Georgia and home.  It was fun and so nice to see other parts of the South that neither or us has ever been.

I have been working quite a bit usually a few shifts a week at the hospital which feels like a lot since I also have school.

School started up again, and this new semester is going to be a tough one, for both Paul and I.

We bought a car for really cheap,
 and are trying to sell this truck

I have been sewing, when I have the time.

I reupholstered our chairs, which don't look that good, but they look better than they did and it was the first time I tried something like that. (the circle one is the new one)

We went to a fabulous wedding in Orlando

For which I painted this as a gift

We have both been really busy with our church callings, but as part of our self compensation we loosened up a little on our grocery budget which now includes cheese, milk, and ice cream on a regular basis ,which has made life pretty nice.

And in case your wondering "winter" just never seems to really happen here longer than a few days.

So I will try and keep you updated a little more on here, in case your wondering I am working tonight from 11pm to 7 am...and I have a big test on Tuesday 
and that is how I feel about it