Saturday, November 23, 2013


Today I had a great day at work.  And it has me thinking about all the wonderful opportunities I have by working in health care.  Opportunities that are not a stable job and benefits, but the actual many human unique human interactions I have had.  With so many patients that change all the time it is hard to remember individuals and individual situations, but some patients would be hard to forget.  I am grateful for there optimism, hope and all around good attitudes.  Of course this is not every patient and there have been plenty of people who are not shy at expressing/complaining about what they area going through, which is totally understandable.

But tonight for some reason I was thinking about the recreational therapist at the Rehab Hospital I used to work with and the fun and creative activities she used to do with patients and their families.  Its Saturday night and she is probably there playing music, bingo and make virgin margaritas for the patients able to sit in a wheelchair.  Maybe this doesn't seem like a huge deal but, many of these people are in recovery from life altering strokes, brain injuries or surgeries.  Just some music can bring such a better mood and more hope into their daily routines of nurses, medicine and trying to get back to a minimum functional routine. In fact my writing is terrible and cannot give the full picture or express my feelings. But, these are people who have been in the hospital for months, maybe they have lost their continence, and have to call a nurse to be turned in bed or changed, many can't properly swallow their food, have tubes in several parts of their bodies, can no longer speak properly, may never walk again and the list goes on...and some have all of these.  And so to simply be able to sit at a table (strapped into a wheelchair) and just not think about what is wrong is a pretty big deal.  I am grateful for the perspective it gives me as a caregiver and as a human, and for all the sincerity that comes with an event of such magnitude.

                                                 This is what is on my mind tonight

Thursday, November 21, 2013

3 weeks from tomorrow is Paul's last final, and then we start Christmas Break!  I will be working still, but when I am off we get to spend time together without homework hanging in the background.  Christmas Break is us at our best, our fun trips and experiences always seem to happen during that month where Gainesville sits silent and everyone else leaves.  Its a little bit depressing at first like we are being left behind and are orphaned here and then wonderful because this is our family and its almost giddy, like being left here unsupervised...I can't wait!

ok! we are yet to get a Christmas tree, this was at a wedding we went to, but I also make some decorations, whatever I can come up with for free/ we'll see what this year brings

I am not sure why but, this week has been tough for me, and somehow my days off have been harder on me than my days working...not that I am ready to go back to work.

I had a Dr.'s appt today, everything is good, and moving along, I am still small but, not out of proportion to my frame and nothing to worry about.

Paul officially did NOT get hired by either firm in Atlanta which is definitely a disappointment for both of us, but there is nothing we can do but keep trying.  To squeeze some lemon into the wound a girl that he told about the interviews and who just got off academic probation did get several offers...doesn't seem very fair considering how diligent Paul has been with school, but we are choosing to have faith that there is a reason and we ARE meant to go SOMEWHERE and hopefully that will work out at some point, even if it means staying in Gainesville an extra year....aaaaand paying another year of tuition ...sigh.

This also bring up the question that if we do stay for the LLM year that we will have to make a decision about if I am going to work or not during that year.  Baby will already be here so I would be working with a baby, on the one hand I want to say that my role is as a mother and I should just prioritize what is important and stay home with my daughter.  But, also my role as a mother is to take care of my family, and that includes their physical needs.  I don't think pioneer women or my own ancestors would have considered the only way to take care of a child is by staying home with her, but by being willing to go out and face the world to provide for my family, so if necessary I am willing to work, but also hoping that the LLM will not be necessary and we will be able to have me stay home.

Despite the set backs of not receiving an offer we have so much to be grateful for.  Especially health, we have been so blessed to have a healthy pregnancy, and that I was able to get insurance, and already well into the pregnancy, and that I am able to work now.  Also outside of health we have been blessed in our church service, and Paul has been blessed with admirable (admired by me) perseverance to continue to study hard and try to get interviews despite many set backs.

I know it seems like I write about this subject all the time, but what else do I really have to write about, this is our life and this is where we are at right now.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Today is my day off, so basically I am moving as little as possible, because after a few 12 hour shifts I am kaput!  Its nice because Paul quietly does his homework/studying next to me and I can peacefully ponder life.  I would imagine it is also good for my vascular system to be off my feet.  Now for pictures of Paul (he asked for it).  Also we are now seriously considering Paulette as a baby name.  In celebration of a little Paul, lets see some Paul the original.

                                                     Taking pics for applications

                                                      going to church

Sunday, November 3, 2013

pregnancy hair

pregnancy has done fabulous things for my hair.....

....just thought I should let someone know!
Some recent cards I have made.  I love making cards because its not as high stakes as a real painting and you can give it away when your done.  I have a book about calligraphy and so I just imitate what I see in the don't judge my very amateur attempts.  The fruit I like to just grab whatever is the fridge and paint what I see.

a traveling man

Paul has had a lot of interview recently this is great, because hopefully it means he'll get a job for after graduation!  This is not so great because it means he been on the road a lot, which is why tonight he had to go to Tallahassee for an interview early tomorrow morning.  Thankfully we have a generous friend that allowed Paul to stay with his parents nearby.  So now on this Sunday night (paul's night to not do homework)  I am home alone, and I have to try and make myself go to bed at a reasonable hour (since I am working tomorrow).  Although I wish Paul was here.  I am also enjoying the weather, warm bed, and this warm (color wise) apartment.   I love our life here, I feel very safe and very satisfied.