Friday, November 30, 2012

getting my style identity back

When I first moved to florida last year I was going through a lot of changes, in some ways i lost my identity I was taking prereqs at a community college, i didn't know where I was, i had just moved, I had just gotten married, even my name changed.

 I sort of lost any sort of style that I had (except for sundays when I wore nicer clothes) i dressed like everyone here, yoga pants and workout clothes, well with the fall weather, I sort remember who I was (well I know the big picture of who I am but...)  I remembered that uhh I dont wear work out clothes...and oh yeah I like to dress up, and I am not that bad at it either (although I have not bought any clothes in a loooong time) so I am working with what I have already.

Anyway, making that dress last week was so good for me and after over a year of all these changes I am finally feeling comfortable with who and where I am, I am grateful to be that person as well :)


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    1. yeah I dont have a pinterest because I am afraid I will just waste time coveting what I can't have...but I am sure someday soon I will give in...what do you like to pinterest Chris?