Thursday, November 8, 2012

birth control

I know last post was about babies and this one is about birth control....seriously its just a coincidence.

Well a big part of this election focused on "reproductive rights", in fact on of the main reasons that I heard women complain via facebook or in reality was about reproductive rights....

Well, what is a right?  I don't think that anyone was taking about the right to reproduce, or the right to buy birth control in any form.

really what was behind it was not if the right existed or not but who is going to pay for the right.

I think that people should be responsible to pay for their own birth control,  I absolutely think that the government and definitely not a church (that doesn't believe in birth control) should be forced to pay for you birth control.

a right is different from being given something.  and its your right to choose, but the consequences of paying for it you should have to accept.

Of course there are some unfortunate circumstances and times that you cannot, well there are a lot of privately funded agencies out there that can help, but why should someone be forced to pay for your reproductive choices.

Lastly, I also don't like the idea of all this extra estrogen, progesterone and chemicals in general in our water, its not good and free access to it is not helping.

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