Wednesday, February 18, 2015

sylvia stands

without help or holding onto anything she standing all the time, now she needs the courage to take a step

I had 4 patients in a row that were 92 years old..strange right?
My life seems to revolve around poop, and not even my own poop.  At home I clean up poopy diapers and because Sylvia won't ever hold still it can be very messy.  And when I work someone always seems to need some type of pooping assistance (thats what nurses do).  Anyway in case your feeling like your life isn't glamourous enough just remember that I am over in florida cleaning up poop.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

We bought a house

a cute little 60s house.  Only one previous owner, who built it, raised kids in it and now has unfortunately passed on.  We love it.  They built it well and obviously (to us) took very good care of it.  I am grateful for they care of this house, I am grateful for the quality workmanship, I am also grateful for all the extra shelfs and storage...and the pear tree.


I usually only work one shift a week.  Friday night so Paul will be home on Saturday and I can sleep.  Recently though they have been calling offering double bonuses and I have found out exactly how much in terms of $ amount my sleep is worth...and its alot.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

we are buying a house

We close at the end of the month on a small 1960s house near a nice park in Lynn Haven Florida.  The commute will be a little bit longer for Paul, but not much.  We will still be near the water, and about the same distance to the beach.

I am hoping that moving into our own space will provide some creative release for me.  Right now every time I feel the urge to start something or make something, I've been telling myself to wait for the move.  Luckily its coming really soon because I have really been craving a creative project.

Its possible that moving will not make much difference because even with the space and the purpose, most of my energy its taken by taking care of Sylvia.  Really I often feel that I am just fighting to get enough sleep, keep our apartment reasonably clean, and eat.  Thankfully my gut feeling is that this move will be very good for me and inspire a lot of productivity.

I think this move will be like the move from Tanglewood to Corry (two different grad student housing villages @UF)  though, not that different but opening up a huge amount of creative flow.  

That's about it, Sylvia cried all night last night and I think that is why she is sleeping so well tonight.  I hope she sleeps a lot tomorrow because tomorrow night I do my one shift a week at the hospital.  Good thing they buy us pizza.

Anyway. That's about all for now.  I will post some pictures when we move.

Monday, October 27, 2014


When you let a baby try your ice cream

don't expect a thank you

just crying when you don't give her anymore because its all gone.