Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This was the first time I have voted outside of California, I like Mitt Romney for several reasons. I was also slightly involved in the political process, I was watching the results reported from the Alachua County offices, then called them into the Mitt Romney campaign central base.  He didn't win here in Alachua but at least he took the state.  This is one reason to vote for Mittens.

Monday, January 30, 2012

free stuff

one time I had a boyfriend who asked me what I would do when I stopped getting free stuff.

At the time I was in a contact lens study that was giving me free contacts,  I was working for a family (driving kids around doing dishes) in exchange for free rent (the rent was worth more than my work), and I was taking free buses to get where I needed to go.  I think he was jealous.

I don't always get free stuff and the free stuff I get usually isn't worth that much, but it mostly stems from the fact that I am willing to use anything that comes my way...call me a bottom feeder.

Currently we are both in school, paying out-of-state tuition,  my husband is in his 1st year of law school (not allowed to work), and I am getting a second bachelors degree (not allowed to get financial aid, even though I never got it the first time) and can't find a job. So...when free stuff comes our way we feel extremely blessed and grateful.

Monday at the local community college they give out free bread and treats.  Its the leftovers from groceries stores from the week before, but still delicious. Its the only bread we get because bread is too expensive to buy regularly.  This week I got 2 loaves of bread, 2 grapefruits, and 1pastry cake thing.  I love free bread mondays!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I really am a fan of making up recipes.

1- Recipes always add way to much sugar and butter, I usually half what they say
2- I don't have money for extensive ingredients
3- I learn a lot about baking/cooking by failing and have learned a lot about the way things work.

so today I wanted cake...and I wanted it fast.

so here what I dumped into a bowl (I don't measure)
wheat flour (the base)
white flour
2 eggs (to hold it together)
baking powder (so it will rise)
all spice (for flavor)
cinnamon (because its cheap)
molasses (healthier than sugar and for sweetness)
about (I am guessing) 3 tablespoons sugar (we are trying to cut back on sugar consumption plus I used molasses)
some oil (for texture)
water (to loosen it up and make it batter like)

                                                          (isn't that molasses pretty)
                                                    (it cracked but oh well, still tastes good)
                                        with the chocolate, and look its even quality chocolate
I put why I put it in next to each ingredient, that how I remember ingredients, all the different things it needs , sweetness, holding together etc...

Then I put it into the oven...not sure what degree probably 350-400F, not sure how long (just took it out when it looked done).

Then I melted about 1/8th of a bag of chocolate chip and a tiny amount of butter(so it wouldn't burn the chocolate) together for some intense chocolate on top this is what came out....it was delicious.


We made a goal that now that we live about 3 miles from church we will try and walk there every week. So today despite being very tired we set out with enough time and walked to church.
It was nice and we got to know the area a little bit better and saw an awesome park that we are going to go back to sometime.
Also somehow I was wearing all pink toady, pink cardigan, pink skirt, and red nails.  I saw myself in the mirror before we left and thought I should change, but I figured valentines day is just around the corner why not?
Church was a broadcast to the southern states, funny that we are now part of the southern states.  It led me to think in a new way about why we ended up going to school here and if perhaps there is a greater purpose behind it.  I did not want to come to Florida at all, but now that I am here I am beginning to like it and see the wisdom in it. Right now I am listening to Cat Stevens "morning has broken"  I love that song.  I have loved it for a long time.  There are so many beautiful songs to love.
Also, I lost my paintbrushes.  Over winter break my Christmas present was a small watercolor set.  I was so excited because I felt like I hadn't done anything artistic in a long time.  I painted a lot over Christmas Break, but was just getting started.  Now since the move I can't find my paint brushes.  waaa.
also I love john bauer, I wish I could paint like that.

maybe because I just got married and I am blonde, I like to pretend that I am in this painting .

Saturday, January 28, 2012

a good day!

helped some neighbors/friends move

did some homework

got re-motivated to work on my family history despite many dead-ends

went to a fun birthday party... CHIPS nomnomnom

spend time with my beloved

took this picture on our $5 couch :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

gymnastics and ganache

Today, we had a good day.  Paul is slightly ahead in his reading so we walked to the grocery store (3 actually) bought our groceries for the week and then walked home.  Right now the weather here is AMAZING. 70 degrees sunny, breezy beautiful! Since we are living on campus a large part of the walk was through campus, there was a beautiful tree lined street, fields (sports, but still pretty) and generally just wonderful.
After we got home we had just enough time to eat and do some homework before going to the Gymnastics meet.  Apparently UF has an awesome girls Gymnastics teams, and with a student ID its free to go and watch.  There were 4 teams and because they do the events all at once there was truly never a dull moment.  Also impressive that they filled up almost the whole area...it was like going to a major college basketball game, but gymnastics!  I love to see that because gymnasts work so hard and other than the Olympics they don't get many other opportunities to perform for big crowds...and this was one excited crowd.
Then last but not least, tomorrow we are going to a Birthday party and I am bringing a cake.  She wanted chocolate and she is getting mega-chocolate.  I have never made ganache before but I wanted something different than the usual cream cheese frosting I make.  So, I tried ganache and it worked really well, although is extremely rich.  I also found an old zip lock bag, and attempted to decorate it a little bit, the words came out slightly crooked, but I thought it looked good enough.  I am still debating as to add some strawberries....can't wait to try it...hope she likes it yummm

Thursday, January 26, 2012

here we are

Well, I have avoided this for awhile but ultimately decided to start  a blog.  It seems to be sort of a rite of passage these days after getting married, and I got married about 6 months ago.  Two days after we got married we moved from the Bay Area (California, not Tampa like people here imply) to Gainesville Florida.   Then about two weeks ago we moved into a different apartment (we have a wall now in between the bedroom and other rooms).  My husband is in law school (guess where, we live in Gainesville) and I am hopefully starting nursing school in May.  I always feel the need to justify myself, that I do already have a degree in History, for some reason that just makes me feel better about nursing.
 Anyway, some reasons why I avoided this
1- I predict that like scrapbooking blogging will go out of style at some point and in 10 years I will look back and wonder how I was seduced by its silliness

3- While,  I feel like I am slightly artistic and okay at writing.  I didn't major in graphic design or english, and everyone who blogs of these seems to be excellent in one or the other.

4- Every few years I look back at what I wrote and think about my opinions, what I said and am always embarrassed.  So if that is bound to happen every few years, why publicly display it for the whole internet.

Here are some reasons why not:
1- I have been reading a few and enjoy them
2- I am married..rite of passage
3- I have been neglecting my journal recently
4- I did have to move across the country away from my family

As you can see the pros outweigh the cons.
Also, if your wondering we do like Gainesville a little more everyday, although I dreamt of mountains last night.  Currently the weather here is unbelievably beautiful!