Thursday, November 29, 2012

snap of a finger

Sometimes, you need something and it just appears with the snap of you fingers, or at least it seems as though that is what happens.

For example in Florida it is not that cold, but recently it has started freezing at night, I was cold, we don't have many I started using all the towels that we had, and they are pretty thick so we were warm enough.  Plus Paul wears all the pajama pants he has at one time.

We keep the windows open so that could have contributed as well.

I was talking about it with someone at school, and they said to go check out down comforters as that would certainly keep us warm.  When I was at bed bath and beyond I looked, but the comforters were VERY expensive, and even though we have gift cards still that could cover it, the winter is so short here that I really did not want to spend a huge chunk of gift card money for something we would use for just a few months.

Anyway, so then I was joking about it with someone at church and someone over heard us, and have us a LARGE (huge) down comforter.  I guess someone gave it to them and they never once used it...we LOVE it.  And truly it sort of felt like I just vocalized what I needed and it appeared, so much to be grateful for!

Now this week the weather is in the 70s again, and windy, and PERFECT! still enjoying that comforter!

 (not done but getting there)
spanish moss I love you!

dress I made!

Also I made a dress and I am in the middle of painting...more on that to come!

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