Monday, July 13, 2015

Some adjustments

So we did a week of the 6 am to 10 pm schedule. We had difficulty sleeping, but we enjoyed out mornings. However after a week (a short time I know) we decided that we are going to slightly adjust the schedule. Now we are waking up at 7am and going to bed at 11pm.  The main reason for this is Sylvia. By the time Sylvia goes to bed at night we were left with very little time. That time after she goes to bed is GOLD. That's when I get...anything! done.  It is sort of my sanity time, I paint, clean up, relax...or whatever I want really. Since we were waking her up early to go on morning walks we didn't have extra time in the morning or at night. So we adjusted now we are on day 1 of 7am to 11pm.  I think it will work out well, we had our scripture study together before Paul had to get ready for work.  So that is my update !

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Garden boxes

We have them...Paul built them, and we love them. Currently we are growing cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, okra, watermelons. ..we had some other squash but they produced and then died because of the heat. Here's some pictures.

Day Three

Well last night I ate an entire (with a small bit of help from Paul) bag of chips...yikes.  I am making the excuse for myself that I am pregnant and I can eat what I want.  However my body did not agree because I woke up around midnight with a horrible stomachache, which lasted most of the night.  We still woke up at 6am, but we didn't go on a walk. I have been a little bit better today, but still feel...not great. So there's my update on that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

hairpin legs

We are building a table.  Mostly Paul is building a table, however we have minimal tools so we are trying to design it so that all the wood can be cut at home depot.  This led us to hairpin legs.  We bought 4 to use on the table.
                                                   these are the ones we bought (28")

Our house fits with this style (built in 1961 and with minimal changes since then), so really the table will fit in.  I am still on the fence (although the legs are purchased) because hairpin legs are kind of a trendy decision.

On the one hand the isn't a table that we are making to last forever, its not that expensive to build, its really the cheapest option we've seen even after looking at thrift if its out of style in a few year no big deal.  On the other hand are hairpin legs already out of style?
We have wood floors and the table top is wood (pine) so I actually like the idea of breaking up the wood with table legs made of something else.  We bought "raw steel" legs so we have to paint them either clear of pick a color (maybe white?).  I kind of like the idea of a fun color for the table legs....but again I also don't want to paint them and then wish I hadn't in a month, but then its only a short term table so why not go for it.

  These are the ponderings of my heart at the moment.  Can't wait for this table though...its long overdue.

Day 2

Well, we made it in bed by 10:15pm, but I didn't fall asleep until somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00, then that still involved multiple wake ups...very disappointing.

However we are only day two and Paul keeps reminding me to optimistic.  He fell right asleep but, did wake up a few times.

Also, sleeping is difficult to begin with because of pregnancy.  I never sleep on my back and then all of the sudden I am pregnant (therefore not supposed to sleep on my back) and all I want to do is sleep on my back, strange and uncomfortable.

We were up again at 6:00, had our scripture study and walk which are invigorating. Again it's only day 2 we will see how things play out.

Monday, July 6, 2015


    I really really really hate waking up early, I also love to stay up late.  So when I read this article in the Ensign, I was surprised that it was my idea that we should try it out.  Maybe because I know I am going to need more energy with baby no. 2 on the way...or maybe because it just makes sense, I convinced Paul to attempt it with me.  "it" being that we go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am pretty much every night.  Obviously sometimes there will be variation to that, mostly because I work every Friday night (7pm to 7am), so the weekends might be a little bit off, but we will try and reset every Sunday.
     Today was our first day of this experiment.  We decided that since we are giving up time at night that we should try to use the time in the morning productively. That way we don't end up just loosing time.  Instead of doing our scripture study at night (usually rushed) we started our day with 30 mins of scripture study.  Then we went on a walk (usually we do that in the evenings), then I fed Sylvia while Paul got ready for work.  It was nice to see Paul (and for him to see Sylvia and I) before work. It was also nice to go on a morning walk when the world was peaceful and calm, BUT it was hard for me to get to sleep last night, and even harder to make myself get up at 6am.
    This whole process also requires some adjustment to Sylvia's schedule, so we will slowly try and transition her to an earlier bedtime.  Waking her up early today was definitely hard on her, and on me as well (she's been fussy all day even though she took a nap).
    We've committed ourselves to try this for one month and see how it goes (if we still can't sleep at night we might transition back), but it seems like a healthier way to live, and the promise of more energy is enough to get me to try something I am naturally inclined to hate.