Tuesday, November 13, 2012

if you want to live where it rains

then you should move to Florida!

The rainy season is supposed to have passed, but alas it is pouring outside.
That is fine with me.

Except for it is very hard to dry your laundry outside.

Paul and I go to institute every week and this week was no exception, we just got back about an hour ago. I always feel like it is a chore to go (he must also because we are late every week) but, when we arrive neither wants to leave because it is so uplifting....and fun.  Since there are not a whole lot of LDS students at University of Florida they are more than happy to have us at institute despite the fact that we are married.

Other than that we are just gearing up for the last push until finals and then sweet freedom for a few weeks... there is not much more to say than that, my feet are pretty cold right now.

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