Saturday, November 3, 2012

ode to the color red

I happen to have 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses all of which are RED (except for 1 pink one from kate's wedding)!  When I realized this it sort of set of my observance of all the wonderful red in my life, and how attracted I am to the color.  My favorite color is actually yellow and I plan on always keeping it that way, I LOVE yellow, yellow walls, yellow paint, yellow house (someday I hope)


when it comes to anything I am going to wear I pick RED.  Red skirt, red scarf, red lipstick, red lip gloss, red shirt, red pants, red nail polish, red suit case, I used to have red clogs that I wish I had not wore out completely.  I have even catch myself wearing red on red on red ...maybe it matches?  Even when its not red on red I often treat red like black as in matching with anything. So this post is just in appreciation of all the red I wear and how much I love it.

this of course cannot do all the red justice because I don't take pictures very often, but I am going to start noticing and documenting all the weird combinations of red I wear.

hopefully this doesn't happen to me!

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