Monday, October 29, 2012

the plan of salvation

"I have a plan, it is better for man!"  That's from My Turn on Earth, basically the best musical ever, I am very partial to it because I grew up listening to it while I would fall asleep.  But sometimes I listen it on youtube, and Paul has learned most of it as well.

Anyway, this does not have to do with that musical, but whenever I say the word (or type) "plan" that line comes to mind.

Life can be pretty stressful, I write about that all the time, media is stressful, school is stressful, waking up early in the morning for clinicals is stressful, elections alone have probably weakened my immune system with the amount of stress I feel from it (I am surprised neither candidate has gotten sick actually), heck even doing laundry seems to be stressful.  And while this life seems to be about letting all of this overwhelm us, I had a calm feeling yesterday that looking back this is all going to look silly and unimportant.  Jobs are important now, and we can't live without money, food or shelter, it will seem small what exactly we did, or how exactly we spent our time.  But, what will matter is our family, the families we created and how well each of us allowed ourselves to let go of that stress and remember the plan of salvation and let it dictate our choices.

The plan of salvation gives me hope and helps me feel God's love and my purpose greater purpose and worth.  It also helps me value and appreciate the relationships that I have.

this is a short video about the Plan of Salvation, but more questions should be referred to the missionaries.

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