Wednesday, February 29, 2012

mistakes happen and I'm a procrastinator

Lab mid-term tomorrow, no interest in studying for it.
studying anyway,

Paul is in a soup eating phase (he says he needs the liquids...I say that's an the way anorexics trick themselves into feeling full) spilled it all over on accident, in the process of cleaning up I found out our vacuum was totally clogged with gobs of blond wonder it wasn't picking up.

We go and watch UF gymnastics whenever its around, this has inspired me to want to learn a back walk over (maybe someday back handspring???).  I think my back flexibility is lacking (and arm strength) because the second time I did the backbend, I fell on my head (good thing I'm not a baby with fontanels or that would have been permanent brain damage.) Now I have a headache...maybe I will take a few days off my back walk over quest.

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