Saturday, February 11, 2012

hold me closer tiny baker (hey I dance too!)

today we went to the temple with some of our good friends, I have been thinking quite a bit about family history recently.  This might sounds redundant but it is crazy to think I know nothing about my mothers mothers mother.  I mean I know so much about me mother and feel such a profound connection with her and to think that people were preparing for me and trying to make life situations better generations ago that benefit me now but I have no idea anything about them is just flat out ingratitude or just oversight.  Well, I am grateful for them.
Also I made a cheesecake last night and did some fancy things with it...sometimes I feel like such a baker.  By the time I actually have money to make fancy foods I will know how.
 Also did i tell you about the super healthy cookies I made...they were super healthy.
 Also did I tell you I am supposed to be doing homework right now ?  well I am

and now for another video <3

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