Friday, March 2, 2012

da interwebz

I have two things I am feeling angry about 2 things right now, but I don't know if on the internet is the best way to vent about them.  I have a growing uneasiness (the entire world and me) about everything I ever read on the internet being recorded or judged.  I really don't want every little article I read to be tracked and all the slightly ridiculous cat pictures, and yes...celebrity gossip via yahoonews to be publicly known, but I guess I shouldn't have started a blog then should I. That is not one of the things I am feeling angry about, they are along the line of arbitrary grading and politics.
On a happier note I made a lemon meringue pie and a layered cheesecake (first layer plain, second layer chocolate).  No, we are not eating both of those. The pie is for eating, the cheesecake is for bringing to a ward activity.  And it was the first cheesecake I have made in awhile that hasn't cracked!  How did I do it?  No idea, but I mixed it less than usual so maybe that's why?
This is the song we sing when I bake...make no mistake!
no idea about this video but also can.

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