Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentines day

Well, today was valentines day, and yesterday was our sixth month anniversary.  We were going to go on a walk to buy some dirt so we could start plants in our pots but, it was raining so I made bread instead.  Life if good here, just the normal calm studying that carries us both through our weeks.

Also some news for grad students, the federal government is now cutting out subsidized loans for graduate and professional  programs.  While I agree that this is the right step to take as hopefully people will take their student loans more seriously it would have been nice if they would have waited a few years. But if I think its good for the country then we also have to be willing to go to school under the same terms.  I guess I am even more grateful that we choose the more affordable school after all.
(thats the little water color card I did for Paul )

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