Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am supposed to be studying for my anatomy/physiology test right desire
I had an interview with Duke nursing program this morning via Skype, I hope it went well, but I didn't feel like there was a lot of feedback so its hard to tell, I guess all I have to do now is wait.
I always thought I was good at interviews but, recently I have been striking out, not sure why.
On the bright side, I love my husband as he is so so kind and and encouraging about this sort of thing.

last year around this time I was here :
                                                        with these awesome people :
                                                          attempting this sort of crazy idea
which turned out to look more like this

                                                                    this year I am here:
with him

Also I can't find the keys to our apartment...but they've got to be around here somewhere.

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