Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I finished Paul's painting, except for the ear...but I am just not too worried about an ear, I will get to it when I get to it.  I actually finished it last week.  I tried on Monday to start another painting that ended in total failure, so I am going to start again after I take care of things.  I feel like Heavenly Father your chores first (study for your test, turn in that application, write those letters) and then you can paint.  I know that there are people out there that can paint much better than me, but I was proud of my efforts and the result especially since I have not painting for 5 years and even then only took one oil class at community college.  So yeah for me.  Next week is spring break and I am going to do a portrait of myself (to hang next to a portrait of Paul) and also one of some sort of landscape. Those are my spring break goals.  Besides that I have a TON of homework.

Also last night I found some funny workout/dance videos on youtube, its made me so happy.  So happy that I was dancing in the shower.  Who needs a class when I've got!

Last week I also sort of went bake crazy I don't know what started it, but what happened with it was a lot of potato dumplings, heavy bread, super fancy chocolate cake ( I never give that sort of treatment to a cake, I don't know what came over me), along with our typical giant pot of food.  Oh and my friend Kaitlyn helped me fix my sewing machine and I made curtains....I was so excited, sewing never seems to work for my and even though these lovely curtains are crooked I was sooo grateful that it worked :)

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