Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hey guess what i started a oil painting today...yay, its of paul... i almost never use oil paints because they are super messy and take to long to set up and clean-up (after all i'm not a an artist, i'm starting nursing school).  Anyway, here day one of about an hour and a half of painting. I know it makes him look like a drag queen but stay tuned it should get better (i hope.)

Also speaking of nursing school, i got into Duke's accelerated bachelors in nursing program, depending on how the next month pans out...that's where I will be, but can't say anything for sure yet, many other factors still being decided.

Also I had a major baking disaster last night, tried to make dumplings...make dumplings, but I also made a huge mess uhhh.... i think I am going to take a baking break.  I also made some realy heavy wheat bread last night, didn't make a mess with that one quite as much.

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