Friday, February 3, 2012

yesterday I had an anatomy physiology test, then I came home and forgot what I did the rest of the day.

Then at around 8 I made Paul walk with me to target (5miles).  I pretty much never ever spend money...ever. But, after I painted my nails last week with jaimee I decided that since we still have target gift cards I was going to buy some nail polish before I went crazy.  So i bought a few colors, and this is just the beginning...maybe.  I am also going to buy a canvas to do a painting.  I will just justify it that since I am now taking the bus to school everyday we are saving enough on gas that this is okay?

 See thats why this blog is called life uncluttered because when you never spend any money life does seem to be pretty uncluttered, and I can appreciate that.

Stuff is after all just stuff and will all end up at the thrift store or in the garbage eventually.

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