Monday, February 6, 2012

woo sister woo

whooew! is what my mouth feels like right now.  Today was the day that comes every other week in which I make a gigantic pot of beans, rice, vegetables. It is no small feat, it requires energy, strength and stamina.
first soak the lentils and beans (2-3lbs.) at least 24 hours
second boil them and start chopping
third strain them and start boiling the rice
continue chopping (today I chopped a head of celery, 2 cabbages, a large cauliflower, 3lbs. of carrots, an onion, 3 habeneros)
then put the rice (6 cups dry its mixed half brown, half white) into a separate bowl.
Then start with a little oil, onions, pepper, tons of garlic, habeneros
continue chopping and add vegetables add some water, until the vegetables are cooked.
Add the beans and rice to the vegetables and VOILA...meals for two weeks and you are eating on less than a dollar a its super healthy.
I like to switch it up a little so I have some different themes
curry (my favorite), balsamic vinegar, tomato based, cream cheese, chicken etc...
For some reason today's pot of food was particularly spicy so my tongue is burning, my hands are burning (from chopping the habeneros) and after I accidentally touch my eyes they were burning too!

Also I am continuously more excited to start those 3 paintings can't wait until the canvases come, I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was thinking about them.
                                          Still haven't decided though profile or straight on.

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