Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something significant that happened today, I found out that a girl that I went to middle school with had a major spinal tumor and at this point will be in a wheelchair or seriously impaired walking for a long time.  Of all the people I would have never expected her, but reading about her circumstances gives me a lot more respect for her and people like her. I volunteer at a rehab hospital and let me tell you to watch somebody at that age struggle with previously simple tasks is heart wrenching and awe-inspiring.  She is a girl that had life under control and knew the paths she was headed down, but she also could have never known that at age 21 she would develop something like that. Oh the things that we don't know about our lives.  It has inspired me to be more positive and appreciate so many blessings that I am given.

This also led me to think about a dear friend from middle school that died while I was on my mission.  In fact I did not even hear about it until 6 months after it happened.  I was on a mission I was thinking about the plan of salvation daily, but to hear something like that makes one search more meaningfully and cling to answers even tighter.

So lets finish this with Charlotte's web
Also I got an A on my Anatomy& Physiology test and I will find out about UF in 8 weeks.

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