Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So yesterday we began germinating seeds for winter/fall.  We have lettuce, spinach, peas, and onions.  Our tomato plants are still going but...they are slowing down, this is probably more related to the fact that we had to move our plants but, also the weather is changing.  The mornings and evenings are now cool, unfortunately the afternoons are still hot and sunny. Yesterday  when I was getting dressed I thought it might be cool enough to wear a very thin cotton turtle neck, so I wore it, and well it was cool enough in the class room, but walking home was pretty uncomfortable.  If only Florida was not so sunny all of the time it would be perfect, but sunny all the time feels like a constant attack.

Also as is usual when I have a test, I stayed up until about 5:30 am studying.  As I have been doing this  since nursing school started every time before a big test...its not a good habit, but it is becoming a habit and surprisingly it is becoming easier and easier,  I am tired today but yesterday I barely even noticed that  I had only slept 2.5 hours the night before.  I am not sure as to how I feel  about this but, I thought I should document this as a part of my life right now.

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