Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Gossip is a big deal in nursing school. Think about 60 girls together for classes and clinical all day...unfortunately inevitably there will be gossip.  Or at least if not gossip perhaps just cliques and judging people and openly expressing that judgement to those that you like, so yeah pretty much gossip.

In my clinical group there is a special person that is always late, always texting and all around not easy to like (although they have many friends outside of the clinical group).  So this semester it has been a challenge not to participate in the gossip that I absolutely agree with.

Ironically, I am also a young women's leader right now, and there have been several lessons in young women's about not judging and not gossiping and I am not above needing to hear it.  I just need to remind myself everyday that I am a representative of what I believe...sometimes I am pretty good about it, and others I totally fail.

Overall nursing school has lead me to hang out with (class/clinical all day) girls I would otherwise never have crossed paths with, I have learned a lot about sororities, and expanded my knowledge of floridian/southern culture.  Some of my fellow students have been wonderful examples to me and I enjoy their company everyday, others have made me glad I did not participate in a regular undergrad experience (did you know UF if one of the nations top party schools?)

Either way, I need to get back to my module about classification of pressure ulcers's one for you pressure ulcers for more of where that came from...

and then some cute animals to help you forget what you just saw and this reminds me that last week I saw a lady walking a ferret...and for my job I knocked on a door last week that had a pet racoon, and I registered a student to vote several weeks before that, that had a pet hedgehog...that lived in her dorm room.  All the interesting things that one can see in florida, now I am off on a tangent but it actually puts into context stories that I have heard about my great grandfather keeping pet racoons and skunks in his house (in florida), it would not be that abnormal here.

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