Friday, October 19, 2012

grabbing a chair in the dark

and I should be studying for it right now...but I am not...
So this week I was sick, I mean not super sick, but kind of sick, I had to blow my nose every few minutes and sneeze and I did not feel the best and I had a sore throat.  I am mostly better now, but I still have to blow my nose pretty often and cough all over the place.

Also I got a job.  As a nursing student one of the best things that you can do (so they say) is work at a hospital as a PCA (CNA). Everyone always talks about this like, "ohh just go get a job as a pca no big deal" ...uhh its not that easy to just go get a job as a pca at a hospital.  Online applications are general and thus they never seem to call anyone (you can apply for like a million jobs a million times and have no way to follow up because a million other people are doing the same thing...not a million but you get it).  Well, after doing this for awhile I gave up.  But then randomly out of the blue I apply for a few jobs and get called back pretty quickly, have an interview and get hired (after I finish all this paper work/screening etc...)...I am a little baffled but grateful none the less.

It is PRN which means I can set the hours I can do each week (pretty nice eh?) and it pays pretty well (we are talking pretty well for an hourly sort of job (more than minimum wage) I am so excited!!!!  Also I am a little nervous I used to actually volunteer at the place that I will be working (the specific type of patients) and well  I am a little nervous about moving them and keeping up...but I think I will be fine...I hope.

I feel like getting this job is sort of my big break.  It gives me a ton of extra experience and exposure outside of regular clinicals that I also get paid for :), it gives a little bit of legitimacy to my resume for when I finish nursing school, and it might be my foot in the door for when I finish nursing school (maybe they will hire me...or at least the hospital in general) yeah, this is a miracle.

It also comes as perfect timing to when I finish my temp job I have working Saturdays.

Also we need to buy a car, we have a truck  (it was nice when we moved) but it only seats 2, its expensive on gas and blah blah blah a lot of other reasons.  So we are hoping in the next few months to sell the truck and buy a small/inexpensive car...this extra little income could definitely help us do that.  All these reasons together are evidence to me that this is a HUGE blessing, yes, I am going to be very busy, get less sleep than I may desire...BUT I know it is going to be alright and I will be given the energy I need.  Last week I was feeling overwhelmed and like uphill in all directions...its all hard/there's so much!  Now even more has been added but I am just grateful for it.  Sort of like I am trying to find my path through  dark and I had not reached any familiar landmarks for a while and then I grab onto a chair that tells me I am going in the right direction....that's what this has been.  (if that's a bad analogy sorry).

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