Monday, October 29, 2012


    So now its cold here, it might even get down to 32 degrees tonight, we should probably close the window but it is so nice to have fresh air constantly circulating through our house that we probably will just freeze  and wear warm clothes all winter to avoid closing the windows.  
   Anyway, so last week I attempted to wear a turtleneck and it was too hot, this week I wore a turtle neck, sweater, scarf, and thick tights and was still slightly cold.  When I got the tights down from our closet I was rummaging through them to find a brown pair, and in the process pulled out some pink ballet tights.  I don't know if at that point my heart dropped or lept but, some kind of emotional gurgled up inside of me.  I have taken taken any sort of dance class in so long, and its ballet in particular that I miss.
   Not like I have every been some sort of amazing ballet dancer, in fact I am much better at using my ballet training to do other types of dance and look better than I am doing them, but I did take ballet for a long long time (along with other types of dance) and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it and did not realize that I have been missing it.  Why has it been so long?  Well, because I graduated from college (where I always took a dance class) followed by a mission (no dance class), followed by getting married which some how has meant no dancing, but marriage has been nice.
    So, even though I will not be taking dance at least in the next year,  I am going to try and dance a little bit each day, or stretch or do some type of physical activity that is not walking, running or plain exercise....that's my goal.

***actually a little bit of dancing did occur during the's the proof

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