Friday, October 19, 2012

being in a study NIH style

Have you ever been in a study?
I always have amy eyes out for a study that 1- pays, 2- I qualify for.
You get paid, people study you, you influence (in a round about way) the conclusions of medical research or at least you know you data is included.

However you never know what a study is going to bring.  Once I was in a contact lens study and they did all sort of funny eye tests. now every time I get my eyes checked at the Optometrist, I am like yeah I am a pro at this.

Now I am a study I am not even sure what its about.  But I had to collect all my urine the 24 hours before my first visit. They took crazy videos of the blood vessels in my tongue.  They drew a bunch of vials of blood.  I urinated in a cup again.  I fasted before the appt.  They measured a bunch of my blood vessels a bunch of times are charted their activity.  They took my blood pressure probably 20 times during the visit.  they fed me (YES :) There was a point where I think I had monitors on all my hands and blood pressure cuffs on my arms. They took pictures of my heart and measure the walls of my heart and then and then and then and then (it was a long first appt).  don't worry I am getting paid for all this craziness.  This particular study is funded by NIH, which I have a feeling is why it is a little bit more technical?  or at least VERY well organized.  I had brought homework and thought I would be waiting around, but I was in a hospital gown, in a hospital room as the patient (never had that before) and there was no waiting around involved.

but like I said you never know what you are going to get when you sign up for one of these studies

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