Saturday, October 13, 2012

halloween toast

Yesterday after lab I came home and ate a piece of toast.  We have a lot of tomato plants right now, they are HUGE. we planted them from seeds that came from dollar tree that were a "variety" so some of our tomatos are yellow some are orange...some are pear shape, most are red.  I like to eat tomatos on toast with balsamic vinegar poured over it and it looks like Halloween toast...that's about all that in our lives right now related to halloween. I wish now that I would have taken a picture.

So what has been going on....
nursing school for me, law school for paul.
Today I did my saturday job for the romney campaign, its pretty hard to knock on doors for 5 hours, but 5 hours a week of work is enough that I can earn enough to match Paul's plasma donation money.  Today was not so hard though, it was waaaay out of Gainesville in a very rural place and it was so picturesque.  Enough to make me want to give up all sorts of things to go live in the country forever ...and I never thought I would ever ever say that.

Another thing I thought I would never say is that we are considering Paul doing JAG for a few years after law school, this interview season has been so brutal, Paul has had 18 interviews on campus which are competitive in themselves to get...a few callbacks and no offers....sigh, maybe he is supposed to be here next summer and that would be a wonderful break, but it is quite unsettling and grueling and takes way to much time. Besides, if JAG happens that basically close to a 9-5 job with weekends off, possibly living in a foreign country, so yeah you won't hear me complaining.

We are both feeling pretty beaten up and exhausted of school.  For Paul is has been a non stop marathon since we came to florida last year...every break...every weekend always has something.  He is good about trying to make time and we do homework sitting next to each other...but its never over.  It funny when we got married last August and had to drive to florida the next day and start school as soon as we got here it didn't really phase me that we didn't get a honeymoon...that's life right? but now I am  feeling like some time off is warranted.  Maybe just something out of the ordinary that I can be excited about?

Also aside from plasma donations, and knocking on doors saturday.  We also have the income source of Paul doing legal work for a lawyer in Gainesville this is always an excellent little extra, but again another time requirement...but be so appreciate all these bits and pieces we are blessed with.  Speaking of I have an interview for a job in a local hospital this Monday.  It is PRN which is perfect and it would give me some extra clinical experience, references and a foot in the door so that when I graduate next year hopefully I will already have a foot in the door.

I had written a little bit about service, and since then a lot of extra service opportunities have come up.  Helping young women, giving rides, cleaning out houses, and free babysitting have all come my way and its really been a blessing for me to help others even in just a small way...hopefully I will keep an open heart so that when these things come my way I will continue to volunteer (its always so easy to make excuses)

Fyi...I never get to buy clothes (sorry for the complaining today), and I am pretty used to that, the truth is I actually HAVE a lot of clothes from my past that I never wear because they don't fit right (everything is too big) or it is just slightly too short I got out my sewing machine and started lengthening and altering and voila....I have a whole new wardrobe...its wonderful and I have found out that I like sewing more than I thought I did.

After general conference Paul and I decided to make a goal to only use the internet/computer for things we need...not time wasting,  I have not been perfect but I have been better, what a worthy goal, hopefully we can keep it up. btw, wasn't general conference wonderful

I also signed up to be in a study (yay to live in a college town) to earn a little extra $$$ next wednesday I have to collect a 24 hour sample of my urine for them....I am wondering how that will go because I will be in clinicals 8 hours of that...I am interested to see how that goes.

Last but not least...the weather has finally changed here..."changed", it is of course still quite warm, but the main difference is that it cools off at night...we can use blankets again :)  and since we spent the whole summer shedding our clothes as soon as we stepped into our we-are-to-cheap-to-use-our-air apartment we can also start wearing clothes again...its marvelous, although is going to talk some getting used to.

So despite all my complaining, I really don't actually have anything worth complaining about right now, good things are happening, life is moving,  I still get to take naps sometimes even though I have to wake up early everyday for school, someone gave us some cheese this week and we are eating it like maniacs who haven't seen cheese in a year (I love cheese more than I ever knew), we have been blessed with continual good health, safety, and love.  We miss our families it was a year in August since seeing the sibs...but we have skype and love them a lot. and we are both learning so much in school and otherwise right now.

these are some of dresses that I altered/added liners too in order to make them appropriate

Paul and his fancy Book Award in Civil Procedure

before we leave for the church (we started walking again...its 2.6 miles away so we have to wake up a little early, but its worth it)

one of our tomato plants and bell pepper next to it, this plants is over 7 feet tall!  we have a bunch of others but they are all scattered around in front of our door under our neighbors stairs etc...we have basically had unlimited tomatos all summer long and continuing on...who can complain about that...I cant wait until we have a real garden!

here's the awesome young women in our ward...we got to go bowling for an activity

Paul had a birthday shout hurray...Paul eats NO (and I mean zip) sugar these days so this cake consisted of pumpkin (not from the can), applesauce, banana, oats, flour, backing powder, and some spices....and it all (eventually got eaten)

also this little guy that was born in our neighbors air conditioners and has been hanging around our plants since then...we don't even hate him like the other squirrels

thats it!

so that's my update and its stinkin' long!

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