Monday, September 3, 2012

what to say...
it has been a crazy week.  Paul had interview in miami and some here this week he is going to portland. this week I also really need to buckle down and actually start studying for the semester.  Genetics stinks i hate it...i hate it all.  just kidding but i really dont feel like doing that or anything else but sleeping.  I have been just so tired recently everything makes me tired...everything...ive also been emotional just ask paul.  yesterday in young womens we had a lesson about refining our tastes and time...i need to do that so I am committing to use my time better for more important things...not wasting time mainly on the internet.  I also need to start practicing piano again, it funny because I have more time than I think but I just waste so much...and well media in general is pretty unfulfilling, so I am going to try and do things that will matter...this doesnt really count because it is like writing in my journal.  Today we went to a ward members house for labor day, it was nice, it was fun, paul got to horse around in the pool with some other men in our ward.  Also sunday evening we played games in the commons room with some friends that was fun.  Also I can officially insert a catheter...yay! so in other words I need to make some serious goals to keep myself on track

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