Saturday, September 29, 2012

fraternity boys

   So, where I finished undergraduate there were definitely fraternities and sororities, I was aware of them, I knew they existed, but other than seeing a few streakers run out of their front doors and down the street (piedmont ave)  it really did not affect my life very much.
   Where I live right now, and the school I am studying at ...that is NOT the case.  I see greek like stereotypes everyday...and they are ACCURATE.  Sometimes I feel like this entire campus is teenage movie about college campus life, everyone is a jock, everyone wears neons, and sooo many people are in frats and sororities.  We also live on campus in married student housing which is sooo close to frat row. Furthermore the majority of the several of the girls in my clinical group/program are fresh out of sororities, I have no problem with them or anything I have just been made aware of what goes on.

    So today, when I found out my Saturday political door knocking job required me to be paired up with your typical Gainesvillian (a frat boy)...I rolled my eyes and tried to be friendly.  We had some interesting conversastion. I then told him that I was Mormon...and too my surprise he got pretty excited about it.  He said I was the first Mormon he had ever met...and had all sorts of sincere questions to ask me.  He was super positive about it, and seemed to be genuinely interested about knowing more.... so we spent most of the day talking about that...not really a doctrine based conversation...he was interested in food storage, and other random things, but it was positive.  So today, aside from seeing a different part of Gainesville and knocking on a lot of doors, I also decided that frat boys are not so bad annoying after all, but I will still give them dirty looks on the bus when they are dropping all manner of uncalled for vulgarity.

Also watched this tonight ...wonderful
also I have two BIG tests monday booo!

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