Tuesday, September 25, 2012

there is a breeze in the trees

Yes,  everyone is talking about Fall is here.  This is an especially wonderful change for us.  We decided last year that we were going to try and go the entire summer without ever turning on the air conditioning...AND WE DID IT!

Since we moved to this apartment last year we have not closed our windows one time (we have screens), it has been so wonderful (we are on the second floor so no one can see in), wonderful to be adjusted to the temperature outside, wonderful to be in tune to minor changes in the weather, wonderful to have fresh air, wonderful to appreciate a timely rainstorm or a cool breeze to break up the humidity.

I also had a test today which means that last night I stayed up until...5:30 am...it was terrible don't even ask me why I did it.  Hopefully I learned my lesson and I will plan a little better because I have two tests coming up next week.

Also the change in season reminds me of what we were doing last time during this time...when we were just married a month.  Last Fall we would buy a small pumpkin every week and make something out of it.  We just bought a little pumpkin today and probably I will make something out of it on Friday.  Friday is Paul's birthday, he wants a treat with no sugar (which includes honey molasses and all those things you could use instead...he gets a little crazy about being healthy sometimes, its a good thing) so what am I going to make...?

also I am painting this picture.

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