Thursday, September 20, 2012

semalam...i call you

listening to this...while writing.
 Tomorrow we are going to special ceremony because Paul is getting a book award, which means that he had the highest grade in one of his classes (civ pro) and so we get to go to a special lunch.  It is going to be long, some would complain about it, but I plan on enjoying it and helping Paul get excited too after all he did work DANG hard, so its nice to get a little recognition (even if you don't get the internship).

Also our watermelon plant produced a didn't grow to 20 lb like it should have but we are going to be grateful for what we got (and there could be more on the way).  It WAS edible, and it was grown out of a we are happy.  We were so excited about it that we posed with it.

Last, last kita dapat tau...
Have I told you we are reading the new testament for institute I love it so much, and I am trying to work on being nicer.  Specifically, there is someone that I am quite good friends with and has been driving me crazy recently.  Some people just love well defined and rock solid rules, well I am not one of them.  I am all for commandments things that are from higher up but silly rules about minute details like times, activities, traditions...we can all just be flexible about change and circumstances.  So anyway, I am have been so annoyed by this fault in the person, that I have been fault finding with the rest of their character...which leaves me as the one with the greater sin, so I am working on letting that go and being less bothered by others faults (because I have plenty of my own).  This goes back to the new testament in case you are wondering, it has been an excellent reminder to me of the Savior and what I should be doing and in this case not doing in order to be more like him.

now for the pictures we took

 circle of life
 the artist
 the athlete
 the awww
the not so creative

las but not least the octopus carrot...cute huh?

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