Thursday, September 6, 2012

why i am glad that i waited

Today during community some of my clinical group was talking about a friend of one of the girls whos long term live in boyfriend abruptly broke up with her apparently because she had been pressuring him to get married.  We started talking about relationships and such and I brought up the fact that I was a virgin when I got married.  For most of them this was a foreign concept, but it got me to thinking of all the reasons that I am glad that I waited until I was married to have sex.
so here goes my list

Sex is incredibly vulnerable and you are completely exposing yourself to that person both emotional and physically, I would not feel comfortable doing that with someone who was not committed to me in a big way

when one makes the relationship's physical aspect progress too quickly one the emotional non physical part of the relationship can very easily become stunted

sex does not always and does not have to lead to a baby BUT that is always a possibility, so don't have a sex with someone you don't want to possibly have a baby with

free from diseases.

makes your relationship with that one more significant,  the significance of being married added to the significance of being the only person you will ever do that with

when you don't sleep with boyfriends its ok to break up with them, you just shared some kissing...not a whole other huge emotional aspect of your life

your wedding day is that much more exciting

someone who is willing and wants to wait is someone who has exercised discipline an excellent attribute in someone who are trusting with your life and having children with

you get to feel clean, pure and know that you followed the commandments

of course there are other reasons but, I just wanted to write these while my mind was on this.

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