Saturday, September 29, 2012


So, I love NPR, whenever I am in the car I listen to it.  I learn so much from it. However ever since election time...even primary time, it has become so biased...and openly...and offensively so that I am boycotting NPR until the end of elections. I know there are a lot of biased radio stations out there but, NPR is supposed to be public radio, and so they shouldn't be using there public radio power to be biased.
 I don't miss NPR too much because it seem I am in the car less and less. It might seem kind of silly just two people boycotting NPR...can't make much of a I thought.  But ironically last week in the mail we got forms to fill out for radio ratings,  you know those random things they send you in the mail and give you a few bucks to fill out and they use the data to decide ratings, so actually our boycotting NPR right now actually makes a difference...its kind of like a confirmation of our decision to boycott, and making it worth while.

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