Monday, September 17, 2012


I may have written about this before buuut, it has come up again.  So Paul, had a really awesome interview at a really awesome firm in miami that would pay him all sorts of awesome money for a summer internship there.  It was his best chance at one of those big firm jobs/internships.  We got so excited about his call back that we told quite a few people...well, news to today he didn't get it.  This was not his last interview, and he still has some good chances at other possible law firms, but you know this one was the best of all and had the best chances...sigh.  Its a nice reminder to me that we are going to be required to walk by faith for most of our lives and that's not necc. a bad thing, in fact many times in my life not getting what I wanted was the best thing for me, and turned out being much better in the long run than it would have been if I had got what I wanted.

Paul and I call ourselves scrappers, we joke about it, but its true as well.  Neither of us is hyper intelligent or talented.  We have a lot going for us but we are not the best or best looking.  Most of all though we are resourceful.  We are not afraid to take home leftovers (of anything), or use whatever if free.  We both work really hard in school (Paul more than me) and that sort of makes up for what we lack.  Our goals sort of revolve around making all this scrapping, saving, and making do amount to something tangible better in the end. So, not getting this internship was like...yeah of course not! its not going to come from the conventional easy path...but it WILL come, with continual sacrifice. (this is not something I am complaining about, i actually think its for the best)

ALSO ON NURSING SCHOOL...I am now authorized to give injections (SQ, IM, insulin, intradermal, and administer meds...and I might be forgetting another type of injection) these "skills" are not so exciting for the non nursing students, but after passing my check off I smiled all the way (about a 20 min walk) home....booya!
Here's being a scrapper in Indonesian...the girl was the internship...or its just a fun song :)

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