Wednesday, September 26, 2012

some time for service

Today, I went to the Young Womens activity...because I am one of the leaders and that's what we do.  The activity that was planned was cancelled because we have (several but in this case one) elderly couple that are both in the hospital and seriously ill, and also have a seriously messy messy that it poses serious health risks.  So we and many other members of the ward went in and cleaned up.  And well, I am feeling pretty good as a result.  Sometimes it is easy to think we are too busy to help, I do it all the time, but then after you do take a little time you remember why we serve...and why I should serve far more often.  I am not writing this because I want to brag, but as a good reminder to myself that  I am a lot more capable than I think I am, I think I can barely handle what I have on my own plate of school, church and the tiny bit of work I do.  But when you go and help someone that actually really can't handle what they have in front of them, it makes you realize how vulnerable each of us is, and how many people out there really need help with things that would be easy for me.

ALSO, today we moved clinical sites we are on a completely different floor and I am excited (but will miss pediatrics)

Also I bought some used pants ($5) that were of course huge on me (they say size 4 but definitely are not) I altered them and sort of restyled them.  First, I would like to make clear that I am NOT into sewing, its fun when you know what you are doing but I am much to careless/non-exact/non-mechanical for it.  I love when other people sew and I am always secretly jealous but its not likely you'll see me becoming a seamstress any time soon.  With that said...this is the finished product...a little weird looking I know I am not completely sold on them either. so here's the question fab or drab?

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