Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Antonia

This is my favorite book.  Paul and I around Christmas time started listen to audio books during our breaks.  Not all the time just when we would go on long drive, or while he was scanning and I was painting.  Since then we have slowly listened to quite a few audio books.  Harry Potter 6 &7, Emma, Persuasion, Sherlock Holmes, some of Beowolf, Tale of Two Cities, The Three Musketeers, and now we just finished My Antonia.  I have read My Antonia before, and I loved it before.  So refreshing. Always when it gets to the end of the book it makes me want to cry, it just pulls on my heartstrings, and I believe that it is supposed to do that.  Prompting one to think about the characters in their own life, and what will stick with you as you get older.  Antonia reminds me of my mother, and possible also her grandmother, at least from the stories that I have hear women who are simply meant to be mothers, who  just excel in that. I feel like my mother is one of the those, like Antonia she can work without end, and has pulled herself up by the bootstraps despite many set backs but can just work and work and as a result is able to move forward.  Of course it doesn't say much about the result of Antonia's own children, and perhaps that is better because with so many there can be many diverse paths.  While I hope to be a mother like my mother was, I know that my nature is not the same as hers completely and that will have some benefits for my children and some drawbacks, but that same spirit is not there, although perhaps another is.  Anyway, I still pondering about that book and likely will be for quite sometime.

Also, I learned how to crochet and make Paul a pair of socks/slippers (not sure which one they are),  it is something nice to do with my hands while doing something else and I am always glad to learn a new skill.

My tests went OK, which is to say I did pass all of them, but its not like I got A's.  A's seem almost impossible in this circumstance since it starts at 95 %, and already by 90 you are down to a B.  So passing is fine, but hopefully I will be able to be getting better and not the opposite although it is hard to make myself concentrate right now.

Last Saturday we chaperoned the youth dance which was fun, I made Paul dance, which is fun for me and perhaps torture for him, I feel like the more exposure that he has the more comfortable he will become and eventually he will get slightly more comfortable dancing.  In any case it was fun to chaperone, and observe the youth especially when I went to so many similar youth dances as a teen and it is nice to think about those days and the youth there now and the feelings, emotions and excitement they go through and over what.

We also went to the temple last weekend which was nice, it rained the whole way their...poured actually, so I was just glad that we made it alive. After that it was tropical storm Debby and rained for at least 5 days straight with over 16 inches of water.  So the drought that was here before is completely swept away.

Also this morning I went to a total body fitness class at one of the on campus gyms.  It was good, the gym is VERY nice and it is nice that they offer these classes for free for students.  Even though I am very thin right now it is not related to my dedication to exercise. In fact I am not really diligent at all in exercising.  I walk about 20 minutes to school, usually quite briskly because I am running late and I walk home, and sometimes I go on walks with Paul as well, but that is about it.  It is particularly sad because I am learning or have learned in so many classes about how important exercise is for so many different systems of your body particularly bones...which is course I am worried about, so I am going to try and go to at least one of these classes once a week and when I have time, hopefully more.  It makes one feel better in all ways ones body feel great, one's mind is clearer, and just happier.

So that is a little bit of what is going on here and what is on my mind, some of the plants are doing well, others are dying in the heat, so we will see how things go. Paul got attacked by red ants the other day and had some pretty nasty marks on his legs to show for it, I got semi attacked today, but nothing nearly as bad.

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