Tuesday, June 12, 2012

tis a gift to be simple

I hate to say that my mood revolves around food, but definitely it can brighten anyone's day.  Yesterday we got a whole HUGE bag of free chocolate croissants, and an avocado.  The croissants are an obvious blessing, who could deny their goodness.  I was not sure when I wanted to eat my half of the avacado, but around 11:30 pm paul made a wonderful little salad with avocado, carrots, spinach and cucumber (the cucumber being from our garden :).  It was so wonderful and really made me appreciate all these little extras we get that make life so wonderful. It amazes me that we live on less than 900 a month and still feel like we have so much, and so many little luxuries.  One example is that I am still able to continue certain hobbies as is Paul.  I have access to a piano when I want, I have art materials, we have a garden, so many small things that make life more enjoyable.  It IS awesome and I couldn't ask for more.  I love our little Corry Village apartment, and our simple life of rarely driving or buying, and I love the satisfaction in knowing that we waste nothing.  Sometimes it makes me wonder how people do spend so much.  Anyway at this moment and especially while eating that salad I am feeling exceedingly grateful.

This is my moment of peace before this weekend because I have two big tests next week, I need to keep my perspective and just work hard and I know I will do well.
also I have not had time to work on this specific painting but the other day I did make a few minor changes, so I will post that

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