Friday, June 8, 2012


I got a hair cut! I really needed one and was thankful that a friend from church had the know how and the willingness to help me out.  I am happy to have a change and try some new things with it!

Also we went to a graveyard today, by we I mean part of my clinicalgroup, since that is what dominates most my time.  It was a really nice experience, that might be kind of creepy to say but, here (in the south)  they have beautiful old graveyards will spanish moss and droopy tress and green green grass, it is almost romantic and is definitely slightly spiritual to see the family together and husbands and wives next to each other. We went because of an assignment we had that was looking at patterns in death (children, possible diseases etc...)  Because we are in our first semester they have us do a lot of activities preparing us to be humane, and understanding of circumstances and emotions of patients, families  and grief.

like I said my camera is broken  :( so the only pictures I will be able to take will be on my comp otherwise I would have taken some of the cemetary.

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