Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yesterday was an excellent Fourth of July, and guess what I don't even feel bad because I did some homework in the boo ya!  Then we went over to a ward members house ....seriously sweet house and had a pool party.  I don't know why but, I was looking forward to eating a hamburger for weeks ahead of time....and then i wanted to be as hungry as possible so I didn't eat in the morning, and then I ONLY ATE ONE, I dont know what happened to me I should have eaten two, i wish I had that second one here now.  On the other hand part of the reason I only ate one was because there was so much other good food there, so much. and the pool and a diving board,.....the list could go on.  Even better is that we are housesitting in that seriously sweet house next week.  I feel like I am going on vacation and getting paid for is going to be awesome...swim, hot tub, piano, air conditioning, they told us to eat there food and we are getting paid.  can you tell I am counting down the minutes.

O and nursing school, like I said I did study yesterday BUT today I could have been a great deal more diligent.  But I did do somethings, and look i am writing in my pseudo journal right now.

Also Paul is thinking seriously about trying acupuncture in order to help him sleep better....updates to come.

also i have been listening to a million times over...its dramatic I know.

can you tell i am in an excellent mood its because I don't have to wake up early tomorrow.

O yeah also I am writing a baby its supposed to be relate art to the "conceptual framework of the college of nursing" yawn...we have to relate and define, environment, nursing, client, and health as well within the paper.  SO I was going to do this seriously creative paper about this one painting, but then I had to sit through a presentation about Florence Nightingale, cliche I know of course it seems like a joke, but its not Florence Nightingale comes up in nursing school all the time...........

And did you know I have a degree in history and there is nothing that bothers me more than bad history.  Because seriously we all know that there is no way Florence Nightingale did all they said she did in a vacuum sorry that stuff just doesn't happen that way, there is always a deeper story.  I got so worked up about it I went home and read a pretty large portion of someones dissertation about welll, its complicated, but just as I suspected through that and other other sources I was confirmed that there was a lot more going on.  So I decided to write a paper about Florence Nightingale and incorporate art, but talking about a painting of her...for one sentence.  I don't know why I am getting so much pleasure from this, maybe because  I am using it as an excuse to read a bunch of history papers/articles, maybe I just like to be a know it all, but either way its lifting my spirits and taking up wayyy to much time.

Also we got to practice with the glucose testing devices today, I got to  had to stick/prick my own finger, needles i swear they don't bother my but something about doing it to myself was like making me nervous...but I did it twice. and guess what my blood glucose is fine (not like I was worried) back to my paper.

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