Saturday, June 2, 2012


since no one reads this i am okay putting this in here.
Yesterday after this seminar in the morning  (info about community nursing)
I stayed for a study session, with our clinical group's mentor.  She couldn't come for an hour and everyone just used  the time to study and by some lunch.
Well, I am poor so I can't buy lunch, rather I could, but I would be paying interest on it next year (both students) and we are trying to follow the profits advice and stay out of debt as much as possible (which means we basically don't buy anything for the next few years).  Not to say that my parents don't help us out a lot, but if we weren't frugal it would totally cancel out.  Anyway, I was starving...i'm always hungry these days.  We have enough food but I just can't seem to get full sometimes, and I am continually loosing weight without wanting to.  We studied for about an hour, which was totally overwhelming because I wasn't prepared for the things that we studied.  I kept emailing paul to come pick me up with no avail, so I knew I was going to have to walk home, which I usually like, but remember I was starving and overwhelmed. So after leaving, I started trekking up the hill, and halfway up I saw the Paul coming to pick me up...tender mercies.  As soon as I got into the car I started crying, I am so overwhelmed, its never been this hard before, I am exhausted, starving and I don't want to eat beans and rice today!  Paul was very understanding, he took me to buy some food, and took some time off from writing his "write onto law review" paper to eat with me, and later go on an evening walk with me.  I know Heavenly Father loves me because Paul got to me before I got to the top of the hill and he knows that I am trying hard and will just give me a break sometimes to make it through, bring me friends, people here that I can relate to, and a husband that talks to me.  I am grateful for what I have, I never wanted to come to Florida but I am grateful we are here,  I am excited to be a nurse and for the hard work and progress that it will force upon me, and am hopeful of the doors it will open so that we can start a family with no student debt and always have the ability to work if the need should arise to support that family.

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